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The sun also rises

            Prevalent among many of Ernest Hemingway's novels is the concept.
             popularly known as the "Hemingway hero", an ideal character readily.
             accepted by American readers as a "man's man". In The Sun Also Rises,.
             four different men are compared and contrasted as they engage in some.
             form of relationship with Lady Brett Ashley, a near-nymphomaniac.
             Englishwoman who indulges in her passion for sex and control. Brett.
             plans to marry her fiancee for superficial reasons, completely ruins one.
             man emotionally and spiritually, separates from another to preserve the.
             idea of their short-lived affair and to avoid self-destruction, and.
             denies and disgraces the only man whom she loves most dearly. All her.
             relationships occur in a period of months, as Brett either accepts or.
             rejects certain values or traits of each man. Brett, as a dynamic and.
             self-controlled woman, and her four love interests help demonstrate.
             Hemingway's standard definition of a man and/or masculinity. Each man.
             Brett has a relationship with in the novel possesses distinct qualities.
             that enable Hemingway to explore what it is to truly be a man. The.
             Hemingway man thus presented is a man of action, of self-discipline and.
             self-reliance, and of strength and courage to confront all weaknesses,.
             fears, failures, and even death.
             Jake Barnes, as the narrator and supposed hero of the novel, fell in.
             love with Brett some years ago and is still powerfully and.
             uncontrollably in love with her. However, Jake is unfortunately a.
             casualty of the war, having been emasculated in a freak accident. Still.
             adjusting to his impotence at the beginning of the novel, Jake has lost.
             all power and desire to have sex. Because of this, Jake and Brett.
             cannot be lovers and all attempts at a relationship that is sexually.
             fulfilling are simply futile. Brett is a passionate, lustful woman who.
             is driven by the most intimate and loving act two may share, something.
             that Jake just cannot provide her with. Jake's emasculation only puts.

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