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Jerry Springer show

             Jer-ry, Jer-rry, Jer-ry! Welcome to the Springer's show.
             Criticism is the art of evaluating or analyzing works of art or literature in order to gain understanding. It involves looking for both the positive and the negative sides of the art.
             Looking to a typical Jerry Springer show, you will be appalled by the language, violence, and sex, which by the way is the central theme of the show. Sexually inflamed topics are the norm of the show. When Jerry Springer was interviewed by Hopkins" students about the show, and this is what he said back in 1998. " .it's a stupid show on television. I know that. But it's also very entertaining." The show is outrageous. It does not deal with serious topics affecting American society. Topics like: Am living a lie; my transsexual cousin wants to marry me; Fetish obsessions are in common in Jerry Springer's show. .
             The show is not well made. There are far too many interruptions. Guests use foul language which is electronically "beeped" out. Guests on the show shout at once making it difficult to understanding. All in all, the guests" cases are not communicated to the audience in any coherent manner amidst shouting and throwing of fists.
             The show encourages violence for the thrill of the audience. Like the gladiators of the ancient times, the guests are put on stage to be mocked, laughed at, and scorned just for the joy of it. In comparison to other talk shows, guests do not get much help to the counseling Jerry offers. Guest risks everything personal: their secrets; their embarrassing traits to make the audience laugh. They are looked at as freaks. That can not be therapeutic. When infidelity, violence and physical abuse is encouraged, then that will not help the situation as in the case on the show. .
             Springer's show trivializes people's problems. Father's having affairs to their daughters is not something to be laughed at. It is a serious problem, but hey, it is Springer's show.

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