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TV Talk Shows

             From the days of respectable talk shows such as Donahue, Oprah, and Sally Jesse Rafael, the standards of most well renowned shows have generally plummeted into the abyss of unrealistic and stereotypically "Jerry Springer" type television shows. This tainted view of today's society has been constantly portrayed through all talk shows that had once been a source of comfort and assistance to those who had related to the shows issues. As in all of today's television shows, many talk shows" views and priorities changed to a mere television show based on providing entertainment for society rather than what it had generally been created for, which was to benefit the people.
             Being on talk shows gives chances to those who couldn't say what they felt before. The shows sole purpose ostensibly is to do positive and constructive deeds, but instead they show what Springer does. "The pioneering days are over,"(Heaton & Wilson)(Rayburn Fabra). Talk shows are now viewed as the high entertainment rating and money, instead of voices being heard. People are being told to over exaggerate their story to make it more lively and entertaining for viewers everywhere. Talk show viewer Abelard Delosreyes says, "Talk shows seem to exploit people's problems more than offering solutions to solve them."(Rayburn Fabra) He has a point! As much as possible, producers do as much as they can to grab their audiences" attention. Even if the truth is not exposed, they enhance it by adding false assumptions. They even get the audience involved to the extent where they disrespect the people who appear on stage. Jerry Springer's talk shows lead to fighting and cussing that the audience get rowdy and forget what the importance of the show means.
             With these talk shows, women have been displayed as negative tributes in society. Women are seen as weak and hopeless symbols that care less about who they are. Authors Heaton and Wilson justify that, "The only power women have us to complain.

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