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Does the Jerry Springer show Degrade Society?

            A popular TV talk show that is commonly degraded is Jerry Springer. Many people have their own opinion about the show but most people criticize it. There are many aspects on people's opinions of this show, but most are completely negative. .
             Many people who watch Jerry Springer enjoy it because of the explicitness that it pursues. It attracts the audience by violence and strong language used about sexual content. Most of the people in the audience are teenagers and young adults. Many parents are upset that there is a show like this on television that their kids can have access to. It beeps and blurs all the sexual content out, but you can still catch the drift of what is going on. Yet many parents may be upset that their kids can watch this show, they can view the same content on the internet or anywhere else. For instance, there are many cartoons such as South Park, which have violence and bad language in them. This type of stuff is around everyone each and every day. For instance, I think it is no worse then a popular teenage show called Jackass. In this show, they do very dangerous stunts to get attention. Many people who watch this show actually go out and try these stunts and get injured. If people do this from watching this show, then why do they concentrate more on how Jerry Springer is worse?.
             In one specific episode of Jerry Springer, the topic was "my husband is sleeping with my daughter's friend." This is just one example of the kind of trash that is on the show. The husband confronts his wife and tells her that he is cheating on her with their daughter's friend. Here is where one fight breaks out. Then his daughter's friend comes out saying how she loves him and how he would rather be with her instead. Another fight breaks out between them. What I don't understand about this show is how can Jerry help them out with their problems? It is obvious that they are going to get a divorce because he cheated on her.

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