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Tesla Coil

             This project is about the capabilities and uses of a Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil is an air-core transformer with primary and secondary coils tuned to resonate. The primary and secondary coils function as a step-up transformer, which converts relatively high voltage currents low currents at high frequencies. The new coil designs include a plastic housing over the vibrator and the spark gap for safety reasons. The Tesla Coil demonstrates the fundamental principles of high frequency electric phenomena. It shows the principles of insulators and conductors when in contact with high frequency electrical fields.
             The Components of the Tesla coil.
             Figure 1.
             This is a diagram of a basic coil. Although it doesn't show where the power source comes from, it shows where the sparks come from. Most sparks come from the Topload (Toriod). The reason the Toroid is shaped like an oval is because if it were completely round, then sparks wouldn't be able to shoot out. The Toroid or ball terminal would be made out of aluminum or any other conducting metal. In order to do so you would need a wire sticking out from the Ball Terminal. The Primary and Secondary coils helps to generate the voltage during the process. The secondary coil is made of a thin copper wire that is turned around a hollow tube for about 400-600 times. The Primary Coil is made of a really thick copper wire that is about 2 - 5 feet long. The ground strap is used just to hold down the secondary coil to the base of the housing.
             Figure 2.
             This figure is the diagram of the Coil that we shall be using. Note that the Toriod is actually a Ball Terminal and that a wire is used in order to see the sparks. Now here is where more things are shown. The Corona Cap is a plastic cap that separates the Ball Terminal from the Secondary Coil. Although it doesn't do much, it's used to insulate the electricity that flows through. The Capacitor is where all the electricity is stored.

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