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Economic Assistance and Foreign Aid

            Foreign aid is an extension of economic assistance from one nation to another. IT is an instrument that a developed or industrialized country would use to achieve either political, economic, and military power. Foreign aid also is used for humanitarian concerns, this unfortunately is the reason least used. Countries that receive foreign aid are usually developing countries in the third world. There are many reasons why a country would need to receive foreign assistance, such as environmental problems, medical assistance, and the main one being poverty. Poverty is often due to the conditions where you live, and as a result your quality of living is poor. The people in these countries are unable to provide their families with the daily necessities for living such as, clothes, food and even shelter. The countries, which receive foreign aid, are not just getting free money, there is a debt connected, it known as " The Debt Trap". A developing country that receives help often must pay back an amount of interest on money that they borrowed, even if it is in large amount. Foreign aid is given to poverty-stricken countries, who have a limited supply of financial resource and need the assistance from another country. Why are they being told that for what help they do receive they must pay back a certain percent? Foreign aid was developed to assist countries that need additional finical help and there should not be a debt trap connected to the help they receive.
             Many developing countries all over the world receive foreign aid. There are many reasons to why they need foreign assistance, but the main ones are environmental problems, medical assistance and poverty. Where the country is located can differ the environmental problems they suffer from. Many parts of Africa for example have conditions that are dry, with the only time it rains is during the monsoon season, this is only once a year. Other factors not referring to any country in particular but regions where earth quakes occur need financial help.

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