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National Security

             America over its short life time has built up this reputation for being "untouchable". We are so far away from any major threats, and because of this, America has gone to sleep. It used to be that communication amongst countries would take months at a time. Your conversation was instantaneous; you could talk to someone on the other side of the world! If it wasn't for communication, we probably wouldn't have been involved in WW2. Technology took its course and now today we have high speed data transfer and the internet. When certain people get access to the internet, they then have access to money, drugs, weapons, you name it. The internet literally "Connects" the world in front of your eyes. With power in the wrong hands, there is an immediate threat to our country, which begs for a modern security. I sat in my living room the other day and was able to watch our military strategically bomb Baghdad Live. The world isn't so far apart anymore. People today are communicating faster than ever before. What once was a dream is now reality and then some. .
             Communication is hurting us; it puts power into the hands of people who want to be heard. Regions of the world that couldn't speak out in a manner suitable to them now can. This is going to propose a problem because our army is not dealing with a nation as a whole where diplomacy is in effect, these terrorists are most of the time in it for themselves. Since these terrorists are not connected to the government, it's hard to address those who are participating in the act. For instance, the Taliban was found guilty of plotting against the US. These Taliban members resided in Afghanistan, yet Afghanistan wasn't about ready to claim them, so who is to blame? The controversy begins when these smaller countries harbor and even support these madmen, mainly out of fear, but never the less. These terrorists play with there peoples emotions and feelings making it very hard to connect the Taliban with Afghanistan or other organizations to their countries.

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