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Homeland Security

             On 11 September 2001 a deliberate and grave attack happened on US soil by a terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda. As a result of these attacks the need has arisen for a stronger network of central security. These attacks were one sorrowful event that has brought America in grips with reality. This reality brought around the need for change, the need for a more organized and cooperative information sharing between the US government. Congress has debated what should be done and the Bill of Homeland Security has been proposed. The appointed leader and creator of the department is Tom Ridge. If this bill were to be passed it would be the biggest and most significant change that US government has gone thru in over half a century. "I propose to create a new Department of Homeland Security by substantially transforming the current confusing patchwork of government activities into a single department whose primary mission is to secure our homeland (Bush)."" If the Homeland Bill passes than America should become a much safer place, for the number one goal of this bill is to make America safer from terrorists. This paper will inform the reader why, what, who, how, and when the Bill of Homeland Security will be formed and all the problems involved with the passing of the Bill.
             Why should the Bill of Homeland Security be created? The need has arisen because America has been attacked and as far as the Government's agenda on securing the homeland, it is a disorganized mess that really needs some re-organization. Also during President Harry Truman's time in office, he recognized the need to restructure government in order to win the Cold War. "President Truman proposed uniting our military forces under a single entity, now the Department of Defense, and creating the National Security Council to bring together defense, intelligence, and diplomacy (Bush)."" Today the similar need for dramatic reforms has occurred to secure American people at home.

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