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Provisions of the Homeland Sec

             There are two provisions that had been added into the Homeland Security Bills. These two controversial acts have been added to support and allocate other social issues and concerns, though they are currently having minimum effects to homeland Security. One of these provisions will allow Internet Service Providers to disclose email communications without being served with a warrant, which had been prohibited before with the Patriot Act of 2001. The other provision will enact new liability protection of pharmaceutical companies for the vaccines they develop. .
             Under the Patriot Act, Internet Service Providers are given the right to discloser to a "law enforcement agency" the private communications of a customer, if the company has any reasonably belief that an emergency involving immediate danger of a death or serious physical injury to any person. In situations such as this will require a disclosure of the information without delay. The new rule would modify the Patriot Act, and it will allow any discloser not only to public citizens but also to any federal, state or local governmental entity, and law enforcement agencies. Foundations such as the Electric Frontier Foundation oppose to the provision because they believe it had little judicial oversight and review the new regulations, "definition of emergency is so broad, it's a case of the expectation swallowing the rule," said Tien Lee a critic of EFF. However, Democrats have been pushing for a version of the bill that will guarantees civil service protection for employees of proposed agencies. Republicans along with administrators believe the best way to eliminate dilemmas concurring in this act is to promote or fire employees. .
             In the provision for the Pharmaceutical bill, Democrats stated that legislation will provide liability protection for pharmaceutical companies who developing vaccines under the Homeland Security Act.

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