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Effects of the Homeland Security Act in Texas

            Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, all branches of our government have refocused operations in an effort to provide America with the best possible security and to protect America against future attacks. This new act of securing our nation is called the Homeland Security Act. While the government is dedicated to eliminating the terrorist threat abroad, it also focuses on security needs at home because a secure homeland is an integral part of the War on Terror. While affecting the nation as a whole, the Homeland Security Act has been a major influence on our Texas state and local governments.
             The Homeland Security Act has been helpful as well as ineffective towards Texas and its cities. Homeland Security has been helpful in many ways. It has provided Texans with a sense of relief and a sense of hope, a hope that our cities will be protected and safe from any potential acts of terrorism. It has benefited us in a reduction of both the risk of future terrorist events and their consequences should an attack occur. Though most people have abandoned airway travel, it seems to be a much more secure business than before Sept. 11th. Other than airports, our towns in general have become more aware potential threats and have taken action in those areas. However, George W. Bush promised Americans that he will do everything in his power to protect our beloved nation. "He told reporters, "We learned a lesson on September the 11th, and that is, our nation is vulnerable to attack. And we"re doing everything we can to protect the homeland." Everything we can. That was a bold statement. But it was not accurate" (The Nation). Though airport security has been heightened, we have gained substantial costs in longer delays at airport security check points. Also, restrictions have been placed on our individual freedoms. Many people have been pulled aside in airport lines for random searches.

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