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Post September 11th Political Fallout

            Post September 11th Political Fallout.
             On Tuesday the 11th of September 2001 the United States of America suffered a series of catastrophic terrorist attacks. These attacks were organized and calculated to inflict large amounts of civilian deaths and symbolic damage. The economic timing could not have been more perfect, sending an already ailing economy into a full-blown tailspin. Four US commercial aircraft on domestic flights were hijacked. Two were flown deliberately into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the tallest buildings in New York City and the workplace for some 40,000 civilians. A third aircraft hit the Pentagon in Washington DC, and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to take control from the hijackers. THE ATTACKS HAD A FAR LONGER REACH THAN JUST THE CASUALTIES ON SEPTEMBER 11th, THAT EVENT HAS INFILTRATED THE WAY THE PUBLIC, THE POLITICIANS, AND THE PARTIES THINK AND INTERACT.
             THE PUBLIC:.
             The attacks on New York were captured live on handheld camcorders, and these pictures were soon broadcast around the world. Millions watched in dismay as broadcasters showed the aftermath. They saw workers jump from windows high up on the 110 story buildings, in order to escape the intense heat. Within the next hour the World Trade Center was being evacuated and the second tower to be struck collapsed. Hundreds of emergency personnel working to rescue survivors were killed along with those still inside the building. The North Tower then proceeded to collapse half an hour later. Huge clouds of smoke billowed through the streets of lower Manhattan and the terrified New Yorkers down below ran for safety. Survivors described scenes of great carnage and human loss and Americans at home and around the world suffered anxiety over loved ones and experienced shock over the traumatizing scenes. The aircraft that was flown into the Pentagon caused extensive damage and there were hundreds of deaths in the crash and the ensuing intense fire.

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