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September 11th

            A day we will never forget is September 11th it was the most atrocious day. Lorewalds class we were doing a worksheet. When suddenly she runs into the room and turns the TV on. She was worried for what had happened and because I think her daughter had taken a flight back to school. We were all astonished by this she looked really troubled. She then started to explain to us because we were still lost and confused. The Twin Towers in New York City had been hit by two hijacked airplanes. Apparently the 1st airplane had hit the north tower. The airplanes like after five minutes exploded making the buildings shrink little by little and then collapsing. Throwing pieces of concrete glass and metal to the streets. People started running so they wouldn't get hit and so they wouldn't suffocate by the dust the collapsing caused.
             This made me feel very sad even though I didn't have any relatives involved in this tragedy. I was very sad because a lot innocent people died. A lot of women were left as single mothers because their husbands died in this disaster. Many babies didn't even get to know there father's because they were being born on the day that there father's died. This made me feel really angry and disappointed in the security in the airports. It made me feel this way toward the security in the airports because if they would have checked the hijackers they would have found something. They had to have had a gun or something to threaten the passengers so that showed that the security wasn't very good.
             This affected me in the way that I will never forget September 11th . I will also see airplanes in a different way I might be thinking is that airplane going to hit a building or is it in good conditions.
             There have been a lot of changes in our country one of those is that the security in airports is really strict. For example I think they make you take your shoes off to see you don't have anything in them.

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