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September 11th

             I was in my grade 11 world religions class when I first heard about what happened on September 11th. A teacher opened the door and said, "the U.S. was just attacked." We turned on the TV at the front to CNN and there was Connie Chung reporting that an airplane had just flew into one of the world trade centres. I remember my teacher saying, "Oh my God! There's people in there!" I was thinking, man, somebody's gonna get their asses kicked. .
             Then the second plane hit, and everyone started wondering how such a thing could have happened, with the U.S. own planes on their own soil. I don't think anybody could have imagined that the Pentagon was next. We all had this idea that the U.S. was impenetrable, invincible. .
             But surprisingly, a lot of people had seen this coming. People who are exposed to media other than CNN, and other major news broadcasters knew this wasn't committed by just a couple maniacs. It was a highly coordinated effort which took years to plan, executed by a huge group of anti-American foreigners, not attacking so much American ideals, but getting back for the many injustices committed by the U.S. that went unnoticed by the public majority and swept under the rug by the government and media.
             As sick as it may sound, I felt a sense of excitement after the events on September 11th. The prospect of war was pretty appealing to me. I guess Mr. Bush felt the same way. .

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