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September 11th

             On September 11, 2001, there were attacks on the United States that will forever change the American way of life and attitudes. These attacks on America were sponsored and planned by Bin Laden to terrorize the free people of the United States, and was where the most deaths occurred on American soil due to one attack. Because of these attacks, there have been many positive and negative aspects of this tragedy such as that patriotism of the American people, the unity of the nation, and our outlook on life in America.
             A positive aspect that resulted from this tragedy was a strong sense of patriotism that arose throughout the country. Patriotism was present in the United States, but not as diversely as it was after September 11th. These attacks also unified the country because the people of America were attacked for their rights, freedoms, and beliefs. Families had also become stronger through the sense of vulnerability that immediately swept over the nation. Another positive aspect that resulted was the War Against Terrorism, which is a war fought to end the threat of terrorism throughout the world.
             Many negative economic and social aspects derived from the September 11th attacks. There has been less travel to tourist cities, which, in turn, affected the cities" economic incomes and the incomes made on the transportation industries. People have become more cautious and afraid of traveling on airplanes because of the painful memories of September 11th. Security measures taken to avoid another problem have become so time consuming and troublesome that many people plan a different way of transportation, or avoid traveling to major cities because of the fear that they might be present in a terrorist's target.
             Segregation has also been a result of September 11th. Arab people are looked upon as terrorists because of the people who constructed the attacks" ethnicity. People are segregated by their religion because of the people involved in the attacks were of a specific religion.

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