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Homeland security

             As the prelude to World War three has already started with terrorist attacks in the 1990 and the smoking gun which erupted on September 11th, 2003. A war is upon us. It may not be called a World War but it is. The two sides are the free world and the radical Islamic fascist set out to destroy all of normal civilized people. With introduction of Homeland Security department America has taken a step to free ourselves from the incoming insurgence of evil. The department comes down to an ability to find common ground. To work together in accomplishing the future threat of the international community. But, the international community is sometimes passive trying to push issues under the rug and take a pass of what needs to be done. In order to win this war freedom must become vicious and devastate the enemy. If we are lax to defend ourselves in a matter of time we as a country will not have the means to protect ourselves and two thousand years of darkness will fall upon the earth. Human rights are what we have in America. Of course it is not 100% but there is no other country in the face of the planet that has what we have. We are the beacon of hope and a better future and the jealous sadistic evil of the world bottom of humanity are set to destroy our men, women and children without a blink. Take a moment to yourself and think what legacy you want to leave to your children and their children, it is a scary thought but we must leave this earth better than we left it letting freedom ring.

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