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The Department of Homeland Security

             The Department of homeland security was formed after the disaster of 9/11. It was the first new department since the creation of the Veterans Affairs Department founded in 1989. (terrorismanswers.com). It is the belief of congress that the attack on 9/11 as well as the 1993 world trade center bombing, and the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building in 1995 could have been prevented if intelligence organizations such as the FBI and CIA had better coordination and communication with each other. .
             The department coordinates organizations such as the Coast Guard, Boarder Control, and Immigration, and encompassing 22 agencies (terrorismanswers.com). The Department is responsible for border security, intelligence, and to be prepared in the event of another terrorism attack including the use of biological, and chemical weapons. .
             One concern the public may have is that the Department will cost taxpayers money, but the Bush administration states that it will not cost money due to the fact that it is only a re-coordination of already existing organizations. A more reasonable concern is that the added obligations and duties relating to homeland security placed upon agencies such as the Coast Guard may cause the main focus of the Coast Guard to suffer. .
             I feel that the formation of this new department is necessary when considering the horrible failure of communication, which may have led to the terrorist attacks. Intelligence agencies must be coordinated in order to not miss any piece of crucial information, which may prevent a future tragedy. It is obvious that there was something lacking after 9/11. In addition to intelligence, creating an agency to coordinate emergency tactics in the event of a future attack was necessary. They are also prepared to handle a biological, nuclear, and chemical attack, which prior to had been designated to local fire and medical departments. In the event of such an attack, I believe such an agency would be better equipped to ensure safety.

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