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To Be Successful in Life

            To be successful in life, everyone should start setting goals on college. Usually, the concerns are will I like the class? Is there a lot of homework? I really don"t want to be here, but I need it for graduation requirement. The question we should ask of ourselves is, can I 4.0 the class? The number one reason that a good grade isn"t achieved is because the person doesn"t apply himself. College students tend not to give themselves too much responsibility when it comes to excellent grades; for the most part it usually happens when just starting out in college. More times then not, students are satisfied just to pass the class with a "C." .
             Many factors revolve around achieving a 4.0, first and foremost, being mentally fit. I believe students need 6-9 hours of quality sleep, in conjunction with good nutrition, sleep provides the building blocks for an alert and eager-to-learn brain. Lay off coffee, tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol, all of those can affect your brain cells negatively. Brain cells can"t be regenerated, if you don"t use them, you will loose them. Our brain has the capacity to learn so much, yet it is considered uncharted territory because half of our brain is going unused and scientist, don"t know what our brains are really capable of.
             How you study can also affect your grade. Take notes by writing key points, using symbols as well as listening to the instructor. Be prepared to learn when you come to class. Ask questions pertaining to the readings. Utilize your time in class efficiently. Come to class with an empty head and leave with a full one.
             If you want to stay one step ahead of the learning game, read your chapter before you go to class. You need to write notes that are legible and understandable. You need to read the chapter before you go to class and be prepared to discuss and answer questions from the teacher about what in the chapter. During the week, briefly go over the material, so that it stays in your recall memory.

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