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Successful Aging

            In this world today it seems to be very hard to see old age as a positive transition. People these days see old age as the depressing side of life, the down word spiral, and the end of days of their life. These statements and beliefs are completely false. With the constrictions that society places on the elderly, such as forced retirement, they still strive to have positive and fulfilling lives as they grow old. There are many theories on successful aging out there. Most of these theories share common ideas on how to age successfully and there is statistics to back up these ideas. Aging successfully happens everyday for millions of individuals. Two Examples of successful aging are the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus and Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. Both of these fine athletes have continued the legacies into their later life and continue to show how to age successfully. Aging successfully is something we can all achieve if we set our minds to it.
             Many theories are thrown around today about how to age successfully but they all have somewhat the same idea. There are five theories that I came across that deal with successful aging. They are ideas such as maintaining independence, having access to community services and resources, avoiding crisis situations, remaining safe and comfortable, and staying active. Maintaining independence is something that everyone strives for, not just the seniors. Keeping your independence will give you more confidence and a feeling of self-gratification. Not having to depend on people all the time gives the feeling of accomplishment so that you can continue to do things yourself. My Grandparents would go insane if they lost their independence. One of the things they most enjoy doing is helping people and being in control of their lives. God help any one who would have to complete any tasks for them, all hell would break loose. When they .

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