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            Cubism was perhaps the most important radical artistic revolution since the Renaissance era. Although new forms of society, different schools, styles, and changing demands have occurred over the past five hundred years, none of these have made such a drastic impact as Cubism. Cubism opened up a window into a modern abstract art which still affects artists today.
             There were many things that influenced the start of Cubism in the 1900's. Many artists wanted to rebel in order to achieve artistic freedom. They did so by taking new paths away from the realism and literary art of the academic influence. New ideas were wanted instead of relearning classical paintings from the Renaissance period. They got old because it was the same methods of painting with slight variations. Paul Cézanne broke away from the Impressionists in order to paint a new form. He wanted to use the entire picture's space in a whole new way. Basically, he painted in a way that made the canvas surface seem raised, which produced a different effect. He did this by using geometrical shapes- the cone, cylinder, cube, and others- as building blocks for the objects he painted. It is easier to synthesize the three hundred and fifty years separating Impressionism from the High Renaissance than it is to bridge the fifty years that lie between Impressionism and Cubism (Golding xiii).
             Cubism was pioneered by two men, Pablo Ruiz Picasso and Georges Braque. Picasso is known for his Cubism because when he mutated from his other styles, he was already known throughout Europe. He was also one year older than Braque, yet even more advanced in the field of art and painting. Although Picasso established Cubism and advertised it, he didn't devise it himself but instead it was deviated from another artist.
             Picasso readily admitted being a borrower, but not an.
             imitator. I don't hesitate, he said, if anyone shows.

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