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Biography of George Braque

            George Braque was born in France on May 13, 1882. While growing up in France, Braque decided that he wanted to follow his father's path in becoming a painter. For about two years, Braque studied painting at the cole des Beaux-Arts, were he succeeded in artistic painting. He decided his best choice for his future in order to become a successful painter was for him to move to Paris, where he had studied under a master decorator to receive his craftsman certificate. As Braque became more focused on painting, he decided he wanted to try something different and make art more interesting.
             When the two young artist Pablo Picasso and George Braque had visited the exhibition of Paul Cezanne, it had inspired them to a great extent in their development to cubist style. Since Czanne thought that art shouldn't imitate nature, but instead it should be reduced to simple geometrical based forms. Czanne had believed that art could be better by limiting color pallet such as browns, greens and gray. He had also believed the lack of clarified line sources and the non-uniform application of paint between the various color fields would improved art paintings. This idea had influence Braque and develop upon Cezanne ideas on how art should be improved. .
             While cubism had began as an idea, It had eventually became an art style. Cubism is known as a revolutionary and unique style that was developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in 1908, both artists formed paintings of neutralizing colors and complex patterns. They had worked so closely together that many of their art works had looked very similar. They had developed cubism as a unique way of art that people were unfamiliar with and to dispute conventional forms of perspectives which had been the format since the Renaissance. .
             Cubism is a form of style that is used in painting and sculpture where square shapes are broken up, analyzed and then formed together in an abstract form.

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