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            When I first heard about Cubism I thought, this is interesting because I thought it had something to do with Cuba, Fidel Castro and maybe even Che Guevera. But I was wrong. So I started thinking what is Cubism and that's why I chose this subject.
             In 1907 Pablo Picasso created the Painting Les Dasmoilles d Avignon, showing five women whoes bodies are consturcted of geometric shapes and heads of African masks rather then faces. This image grew up to be known as "Cubism."" The name came from the critix Louis Vauxcelles, who after reviewing an exhibition of a French artist and later fellow Cubist Georges Braque. He wrote of "Bizzeries Cubiques."" And that objects "had been reduced to cubes."" So that's where the name came from. .
             Cubism changed the way art was represented and viewed.
             Picasso and his fellow Braque, presented a new style of painting that showed the subject from several angles in the same time. The result was ment to show the object in more complete and realistic view that traditional art, to make the viewers have the feeling the could move around in the painting. A man called Chivers in 1999 explained Cubism in these words: "They together abandoned the traditional noitons of preception, foreshadowing and modeling and aimed to represent solidarity and volume in three-dimensional plane without converting the two-dimensional canvas illusionalistically into three-dimensional picture space."" Chivers was abviously a very intelligent man. Picasso and Braque started pioneering the movement and worked so closely that they had difficulties telling their work apart. The often reffered to each other as Orville and Wilbur wich were the Wright brothers, because they thought there contribution to art was as big and revolutionary as the first flight.
             Cubism was divided into to two categories. Analytical Cubism wich began in 1907 were the artist laid out how important his thought was about the subject visually.

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