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the key to successful relation

             Humans are very complex and it is not easy to get along with others at all times. But it is our nature that we get attached to some people quickly, and form a relation. Maintaining a relation requires a lot of patience, and a knack to deal with people. Professional relations are comparatively hard to tackle with, than various other kinds of relations. I have been involved in different kinds of relations in my life as a person and as a professional. I believe that the key to successful relation lies in outstanding social interaction skills and communication.
             My stay at St Michael's Hospital has taught me a lot about professional relations. At the hospital, we had a lot of patients coming in repetitively. As I had to work with such patients, so I often tend to form a bond with them. The professional relation has its own limitations and extensions, keeping in mind the nature of the profession. I have been through the relation of a patient and a care taker, supporter, and a friend.
             Communication is the key to running a successful relation, but there are some concepts that provide a solid foundation for a supportive relation e.g. trust, empathy, caring and love, and advocacy. I am primarily concerned with my interaction with my friends and team members.
             Trust is the most basic and essential element of any successful relation. It is said by a scholar "Trust results in the belief that other individuals are capable of providing help and will do so". I developed my understanding of trust as a kid, starting with my mom. My mom was the only person I ran to for help, when I was going through my first experience of illness. Trust is based on experience. A bad experience teaches us not to trust anyone. But we have to realize the fact that, trust takes time to develop and is reciprocal; it works both ways. Consistency and reliability are also very important while you are building trust e.g. when I commit that I would be there, then I should be there.

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