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Discipline in an Entreprenurship

            I have always had the dream of starting up my own business and becoming rich and famous. Throughout my life, I've become aware of my keen interest in business. Although I am undecided, I believe I will end up declaring a major in business. I haven't yet thought about what type of business it is going to be, but I hope to make a lot of money and I hope that I will be doing something that I enjoy. To become successful, businessmen have to acquire many key qualities. One of these qualities is discipline. Discipline in business will revolve around every major issue. Discipline is the key value that will make one business man better than the other. .
             First of all, the greatest advantage of owning your own business is that it makes it possible for you to control your own performance and therefore your own destiny. If you want to work hard at it; you can. If you are a lazy person and don't want to work as hard, you don't have to. For many who start an entrepreneurship, one of the hardest things to adjust to is the freedom of the job. You have no boss, no one to take orders from, no one that is going to question your decisions in the business. Your choices are based solely on what you think is right. As an entrepreneur, businessmen are free to set your own schedule. An entreprenuer can do anything in the day they want to. Entrepreneurs can sleep all day if they wish. People can work long hard hours. There is no set schedule other than the one that you make for yourself. Staying disciplined to the growth of your business is a tough thing to do alone, because there is no one else there who needs the business to succeed. (O"Neil 105). The entrepreneur is solely responsible for the success or failure of the business. I believe this would be a major problem for me. I would really have to work hard to keep myself productive. I have horrible time management, and that is definately not a good quality to have while opening up a business.

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