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The Discipline Difference

            In society today the word discipline is used in many different ways. It can mean to be trained by a command and warm up exercise or being in a state of order by training and control. People also use discipline to punish or penalize to get trained or correction. Many people link discipline with something negative mostly since the word discipline is often used instead of punishment, but in reality discipline is the only way to go from aspiration to actualization. Discipline is meant to guide someone in the right path. Discipline leads to symmetry and if there is not any then there is chaos. If there were no rules in the world it would be nothing but confusion, if the parents didn't look after the children, children did not listen to their parents, if the laws of the country were not followed, the world would be a chaotic mess. .
             In everyday life discipline should be kept and at home we are to observe discipline. We cannot bring up good children, if there are no rules. A house, where there is no discipline, there isn't any structure so the children run wild and free. Children should have enforced rules at home to instill the discipline. They should be made to feel that discipline is a blessing and indiscipline is a punishment, and that the one leads to prosperity whereas the other leads to unhappiness. The home is the first place where the value of discipline is taught. .
             The discipline instilled into the character of the children at home is further improved when the child goes to school which is where everything takes place according to rules. The teachers and classes meet specified to schedule, and corresponding to the schedule the students pass or fail according to the rules and all of these rely on discipline. Punishment is given to those who don't listen or are undisciplined. Life isn't worth living and is not worth any value if it is not orderly and disciplined.
             Teenagers that come out of their educational institutions, then enter the world of practical life.

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