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The Difference Between the Army and Marines

            After my military service was over and I started working with civilians, I noticed that they did not know the difference between a solider and a Marine. Most people see a military uniform and automatically say Army or soldier. That is not the case. It goes beyond the uniform. There are some similarities, for example we both have traditions, rank structure, and overall purpose, but these similarities are not enough to make us the same. Marines are in a different category than the Army. I am not down playing or degrading the Army or what they do; however, our rank structure and leadership, and overall purpose are better. .
             The rank structure for both the Army and Marine Corps consist of 19 different ranks, nine enlisted ranks and ten officer ranks. The officer ranks are the same across the board: (listed from lowest to highest) 1st Lt (Lieutenant), 2nd Lt, Captain, Major, Lt Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lt General, and General. The duties of the officers are pretty much the same across the board. There will be some variance just as not all Chief Operating Officers have the exact duties at JC Penney and Macy's. All officer ranks require a degree of some kind, as well as special training after MOS (military occupational specialty) school. .
             With each enlisted rank in the Marine Corps come a little more responsibility and leadership. We have a saying in the Marines "Every Marine a Leader." From the lowest private to the most senior Sergeant Major, everyone is a leader of some sort. As a Corporal you are considered a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer). This is the lowest level of supervision/ leadership in the Marine Corps. We call it the small unit leader. In the civilian sector this position would be a section lead/ supervisor. From that point forward you will be in charge of Marines. The responsibility increases as you move up in rank. In the Army however, things are different.

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