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             Since September 11th many Americans have opened their eyes to the reality of women being exposed to the front lines of combat situations. What is the role of women in a combat zone? In 1994 the Clinton Administration Defense Department established several policies allowing women to serve in military units involving substantial risk of being killed or captured. As a result 93.5 percent of the military has since been open to females. The other 6.5 percent is made up of land combat units and Special Operations Forces. Currently there are equal opportunity groups, primarily feminine activist, that advocate the integration of women into these direct land combat units, and special operation teams. This would be a grave mistake. The feminists dream quest for total equality in the military is a fool's errand. .
             As it stands, U.S. policy does not permit women in direct combat jobs or positions. This includes the infantry, armor, field artillery, and air defense. Women are also excluded from Special Operations Forces, such as Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, and Air Force Tactical Air Control. The current policy in place is designed to keep women out of direct land combat roles. .
             The fact is women are different than men, and these differences make women unfit for battle. A two year study conducted by Great Britain found that; "only 0.1% of female recruits and 1% of trained soldiers met the physical requirements for combat duty." (qtd. in King) Physical differences aside, there are also serious social matrix discrepancies that would be implemented with the introduction of females into tactical combat units. Respect does not guarantee belonging. No matter how much respect, courage or physically adaptation A women might prove, not even the military's most unconventional combat units are unconventional enough to accept a female as a male. "Even if new sets of behaviors, beliefs, and ideals could be legally demanded of individuals, any human group's cohesion and morale depend on chemistry utterly impervious to external decrees.

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