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Inspector Calls

            Its been a week since that Inspector barged in here as if he were someone important. He left behind an atmosphere of unease, as if something was wrong, as if we dignified people of society made a mistake. Sybil is guarded and cautious about everything. Sheila has wrecked a match made in heaven over a silly squabble. Whenever I tell her about how their union would bring honour to the family she snaps back at me saying "Father, you can't even pretend to understand, your reputation is all that matters to you." .
             As their father I deserve their respect and I know that their allegations are completely without foundation. I started out just like that wretched girl. I worked hard, with respect for those superior to me. I strived for success and respect and today my family enjoy a good lifestyle. How can they accuse me of being a bad father when they enjoy such luxury, such comfort? How can they accuse me of being irresponsible when In truth, what would be irresponsible of me would be to ignore her audacity and let it go unpunished. It would be irresponsible of me to allow her to challenge my superiority. I paid her the standard and so how am I at fault? As for Sheila ,how can I be a poor father when I am being honoured as a respectable man. I have been the perfect person; I have a clean reputation and am well respected among society. It is because of my character that I am being honoured with Knighthood. I don't see the Inspector being honoured, why? Because he is not the man I am. He believes that we are all a community. .

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