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An inspector calls

             In the play "An Inspector Calls" written by J.B Priestly, A rich family called the Birlings are having a meal when an unexpected inspector arrives at their door. The play is set in the Birlings house in Brumley, Yorkshire. .
             They had sat down to dinner to celebrate their daughter, Sheila and Gerald's engagement. Arthur is the father and hard headed business man, Sybil the mother, Eric their son, Sheila their daughter and Gerald, who's dad is a friendly rival in business with Arthur are the characters. .
             After the meal they get an unexpected visit from a police inspector who calls himself inspector Goole. He comes in and informs them of a girl called Eva Smith, who drank acid and killed herself. He asks the family questions to do with the girl and find out they all have a part to play in this girl's death and when he leaves feel guilty for what they did to this girl. They then realize that the inspector might be a fake or as Arthur says "probably a socialist or some kind of crank". .
             J.B Priestly wrote the play in 1945 although it is set in 1912. He was born in 1894 with his mum sadly dying the same year. He grew up and joined the army in time of the war.
             He uses the Inspector well as the inspector's views are similar to those of Priestly. The inspector represents Priestly's strong view on life. How people are responsible for each other, and how they affect the lives of others. He sees the world as a community where everyone should help each other, Socialism. The timing of his entry is very important, just after Arthur had been telling Eric its every man for himself. The Inspector isn't like an ordinary officer, the way he uses the information he holds makes him mysterious and powerful. He makes things happen and controls everyone and what they do. He doesn't seem to care what he says to them even though the Birlings are well known in the community. He makes himself big and solid and remains strong when the family members break down.

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