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Inspector Calls

            What is the purpose of the inspector in the play "An Inspector Calls"? How does the inspector ensure in the versions you have watched, that he is successful in achieving his purpose? Refer to specific incidences and use textual references to support your ideas .
             An inspector calls is written by J.B Priestley and is about a prosperous manufacturer named Arthur Birling. In the early years of last century, he is holding a family dinner party to celebrate his daughter's engagement. Into this cosy and happy scene intrudes a police inspector called Inspector Goole. He is apparently investigating the suicide of a young working class woman and under the pressure of his interrogation every member of the family turns out to have a shameful secret that links them to her death. .
             The main character in this play is inspector Goole, the name sounds like "ghoul" this is someone who has interest in death. He also makes an impression of massiveness, solidity. He grows and remains very solid when every other character breaks down. He also uses the information he holds create an impression of someone who is both an outsider and omniscient, this makes him look powerful and mysterious. .
             Inspector Goole is a strong-minded person who still remains strong while all the characters break down. This shows that the inspector knows what exactly he is doing. The inspector also allows secrets to be revealed even though the other family members are present. The inspector is in control of everything in the room, despite the importance of the Arthur Birling and the Crofts in the community. This shows the audience that the Inspector knows how to keep in control of serious situations. .
             The inspector also demonstrates how people are responsible for how they affect the lives of others. "We don't live are alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other." The inspector sees the world as a community where everyone should be helping each other out.

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