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An Inspector Calls

            A brief summary of "An inspector calls":.
             The story takes its start an evening in spring to the engagement party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, in the house of the Birling. They are all having a jolly evening, until Inspector Goole is interrupting the little party with bad news. .
             A young woman have maid suicide, and all the Birlings are more or less involved. All their stories about their relationship to the young girl, are very complicated, and they have all made themselves guilty in some way. The inspector leaves, and by many reasons the Birlings are not sure that he is a real police officer. Few minutes later the phone calls announcing that there is a police inspector on his way. He is going to ask them some questions about the suicide of a young girl.
             List of the characters:.
             - Arthur Birling.
             - Sybil Birling. (his wife).
             - Sheila Birling (his daughter).
             - Eric Birling (his son).
             - Edna (the maid).
             - Gerald Croft (engaged to Sheila).
             - Inspector Goole.
             - Eva Smith (the one who have made suicide).
             An essay about "An inspector calls":.
             The story takes its place in the fictive industrial town Brumley, in the North Midlands in England. The time is 1912, right before the first world war. The Birlings are having an engagement party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, in the house of the Birling. Their house is large and very comfortable , and they are smoking cigars and drinking champagne, which tell us a little about that the Birlings belongs to the rich and the upper class. They seems to be a too perfect upper class family, with a lot of power over the lower classes, and this are partly because of all the money they have.
             Arthur Birling is an arrogant and rather portentous man, who refuses to take any responsibility . He is a prosperous factory owner, and he owns The Birling company. He is a businessman who shows little regard for other's feelings, but takes a great pleasure in talking about himself.

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