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             As a leader of United States Marines I am expected to posses fourteen Leadership Traits, one in particular is Bearing. I will go more in depth as to the application of bearing as I continue. In leading Marines there are also Principles of leadership that I must incorporate into my existence.
             2. In the ten years that I have been a Non Commissioned Officer I have learned that Leaders are Teachers. No matter what the enterprise - a family, school, church, or business - Leaders are Teachers. The terms are not, in my opinion, interchangeable; not all Teachers are Leaders, but all Leaders are Teachers. My first job, after earning a Bachelors degree in Music, was Assistant Band Director at a High School. Being a High School teacher in most American communities is considered a leadership position because one is expected to "set the example" live their lives as role models. For me, being a High School teacher meant that I was a good follower. You see, I graduated from my Mother's Alma Mater, I pledge her sorority, and I assumed her profession. The leadership principle; Know yourself and seek self-improvement came into my existence before the Marine Corps. How can we succeed at being ourselves if we don't know ourselves? Life is like a maze sometimes, and it is easy to get lost. Everyone, it seems, expects something different from us. There is pressure coming at us from every direction to keep others happy and meet their needs.
             3. Set goals you can reach, a Leadership Principle that has been in my existence since early on and is still part of my daily life both personal and professional. As with every Marine, just being successful at your job is a goal. In requesting the duty assignment of Engineer Instructor I had already checked the box on success. Time after time I have proven that I was a Leader of Marines. More importantly to me I had confidence in my teaching skills.
             4. Make sound and timely decisions.


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