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Leadership Syles

             Leaders of today have many different styles of managing and leading people. Is there one right way to lead people? The answer is no. There are many ways to lead people effectively while maintaining a productive and loyal work force. Executive Youth Daycare Service is dedicated to providing the highest quality daycare while incorporating a leadership style that is suitable and effective. Our leadership style will focus on creating a happy and healthy environment for all staff members, children and their parents. In the process of creating our organization, our management team contemplated, compared and contrasted various leadership styles. .
             Leadership Style and How It Creates and Sustains a Healthy Organization .
             Executive Youth Daycare Services has chosen to lead its employees in a participative, employee-oriented manner. Providing our employees with a way to participate throughout all facets of the company helps EYDS to leverage from a diverse group of individuals and their ideas. When an employee is able to contribute to the decision-making, innovation, and success of the company, the result is positive. If an employee does not feel like they have a voice and the company leaders are leading as a dictatorship, then morale and productivity suffer. .
             It is also important that the leaders at EYDS are hands on with their subordinates. Our leaders should always know how to do the job themselves in order to set an example to their subordinates. If an employee observes their leader "getting their hands dirty" and interacting with their employees, it shows that they care and are willing to participate, not dictate. This again leads to higher productivity and morale. .
             At EYDS, we have developed a program to help our leaders maintain a participative employee oriented company; through a program, we call "PEOPLE," Provide Employee Oriented Participative Leadership Excellence. Implemented by our CEO since day one, the PEOPLE program has been successful.

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