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The Battles of Marne

             Both Marne battles were critical in World War One. They both were huge defeats towards the Germans. Much like Marne, Normandy, a battle of World War Two, was a critical turning point in the war. The different times that the battles take place separates the similarities, leaving many differences. .
             There were two battles fought near the river Marne. They were both counterattacks to the German forces. The First Battle of Marne was a combination of British troops and French troops (Kirchberger 54). The German commander of his fleet was caught off his guard as he was chasing another French Army. He was supposed to invade Paris, but after going way off course, his flank was attacked (Kirchberger 54). This lead to the First Battle of Marne, where the Germans were defeated. Then later in World War One, the Germans tried again to invade Paris. Once again they got up to the Marne where they crossed only to find US, French, and British troops. Once again, they were defeated and were forced back.
             For some time, France held their ground outside Paris. The Germans were unable to enter. Even if they attacked on the West side and lost, then attacked on the East, the French Army was still able to get there. They transported all their troops in taxicabs, having every cab going in the same direction at the same time. This was their strategy for now, to hold their ground (Keagan, The First 113). The Russian's strategy was to gather as many troops as they could, transporting them by train, to one area, then attack the Germans (Kirchberger 54). The Germans strategy was to invade both France and Russia. When they were invading France, they had a separate strategy from their main one. They had their half army split up into seven armies. The first and second armies would stay on defense. The third army was to attack the upper Seine. The forth and fifth army was to attack the southeast. The sixth and seventh army was to cross the river Moselle to complete the circle around Paris (Kirchberger 54).

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