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World War 1

            World War I began in 1914 among many of the European nations. In 1917, the United States, under the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, entered the war after establishing several states of affairs. Things happening inside of the U.S. allowed the capability of stepping into the war. The conflicts with these other nations came to an end only a year succeeding the uniting of the U.S. and the Treaty of Versailles. .
             The U.S. experienced a bad situation over this event. The people of the U.S. did not want to enter war. Nevertheless, the attitudes were immediately switched after the occurrence of two events. The Zimmerman Telegram was one of the two main reasons why America's mind-set about the war changed. It was a secret telegram from the Germans to Mexico proposing an alliance to attack the U.S., which was cracked by Britain. Germany told Mexico it would obtain the land it once lost to America from 1849. Another occurrence that caused America to step into the war was Germany's announcement of an unrestricted submarine warfare. It was a warning to everyone out on the oceans; they would be sunk by German submarines. On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania, an American ship was sunk by the Germans. These two events persuaded President Wilson to declare war on Germany.
             At the same time, U.S. citizens back in the states contributed to make it possible for America to hang in a war. Also, rural population was beyond the city's population. Because of this, the unemployment rate decreased greatly because so much work was available since the U.S. needed manufacturing of war supplies, such as ammunition, weapons, clothing, gear, vehicles, other forms of transportation, and food. The war at home offered a large opportunity for women to excel in the occupation fields. They were able to perform tasks that they usually would not have been permitted to complete. Since roughly ten million American men registered for the draft, it was only essential for women to take these roles over during the war.

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