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world war 1

             World War 1.
             World War 1 was known as the Great war. It was the largest war the world has ever see. This war went on for four years.
             World War 1 started in a small province of Austria-Hungry called Bosnia. Many people in Bosnia and Serbia were angry with Austria-Hungry. Serbs had strong feelings of nationalism and led territory wars against their neighbors. The Serbs believed that some of the lands within Austria-Hungry belonged to them.
             World War 1 immediately started when Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated. They were assassinated on June 28,1914. When the Archduke visited the city Sarajevo in Bosnia. A hour after they arrived there they were killed by a Serbian nationalist. The war then started in August.
             ?Men slept in mud, washed in mud, ate mud and dreamed mud.? That is how a soldier described his war. Soldiers dug deep ditched called trenches for protection. The trenches were the soldiers homes during the war. .
             After three years neither alliance was winning. Many people wondered if the war would ever end. The United States entered the war in April 1917. By the summer of 1918 200,000 American soldiers arrived in Europe each month.
             In January of 1919, 27 nations met at the Palace of Versailles to workout a peace treaty. Some allies wanted to punish the central powers, especially Germany, for the war.
             As a result of the treaty of Versailles called for Germany to lose 13% of its lands. Germany also was ordered to pay a huge amount of money to the allies.
             As World War 1 was breaking out some people called itthe war to end all wars.? By the time the war ended a whole generation of men had been killed. The Europeans believed that there would never again be such a terrible war. .

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