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The Importance of Discipline

            Discipline is a character trait in which one learns acceptable behaviors, how to achieve personal goals, and how to establish and maintain overall order. Often the word discipline brings to mind the punishment of a child; however discipline doesn't stop when childhood ends it continues on all through adulthood as well. By examining this trait more closely, one can fully understand its importance. Discipline begins at childhood, goes into adulthood, and is further carried out by one teaching their children discipline. Discipline is more than just the hand of an outward authority; it is also the internal guidance by which we live our lives. .
             When connecting discipline with my own life, I think back to my childhood. This is normally one's first memory of discipline and its life lessons learned from it. Raising a child as a single mother is a challenging task; one my mother did not take lightly. I learned very quickly what discipline was. I learned this first through my mother's never ceasing insistence to obey and do as she said. When I was told to clean my room, I did so immediately. When taught at a very young age to say yes sir and no sir; I did so at all times. Lastly, when told to listen in church, I did so and without hesitation or a frown on my face. I learned to do so without being told twice because I learned once that if I chose not to listen my mother's orders, my punishment came just as quickly. I learned the chain of commands and the punishments that went along, first came a warning, and secondly came a spanking, which was never welcomed with a smile. This sequence of events taught me to pay attention the first time I was told something and do as I was told without resistance. This discipline in which I learned as a child taught me not only to listen to my mom but others as well and through this I learned so much. Discipline gave me an understanding of what was acceptable to do and what was not.

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