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            In the past the term discipline in school most often conjured up images of some form of correction or punishment in response to student misbehavior. Students were expected to respect their teachers and disruptions were dealt with severely. Developments in recent years indicate that we need to change the way we think about discipline in school. It is no longer enough to preserve the past's narrow perception of the role of discipline. Schools are just beginning to learn and understand that discipline includes much more. Educators see discipline in the context of submission to rules and complying to the requirements of learning (Francis, 1975). This writer is of the view that effective discipline results when school policies are developed, revised and maintained through collaboration with teachers, students and administrators. Almost every school has a reasonable code of conduct, but it is particularly difficult to understand why some schools today are so plagued by indiscipline.
             Indiscipline is a behavioral disorder that is classified as an act of delinquency (Emmer, 1984). Indiscipline in school is certainly a matter of immediate concern to the teacher. Dealing with indiscipline can cause teachers great heartache and doubts about their competence as a teacher and an individual. What contributes towards indiscipline in my schools? Is it the students" attitude towards the teacher? Is it the teacher's attitude towards his class? Is it the student's concept of the teacher?.
             Inappropriate curriculum and teaching strategies can contribute heavily to students" indiscipline in my school (McEwan, 2000). The teacher should have an adequate grasp of the subject and the skill to hold the attention of the class as indiscipline may result from students finding learning activities boring. Some misbehavior may arise as a result of the teacher's inability to meet the diverse needs of his students. A new or inexperienced teacher may not be trained in limited time planning or dealing with lack of access to resources which are all factors that can lead to unruly behavior both in and out the classroom.

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