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            I"ll never forget, I was 7 years old and I wanted to stay to my Aunt Jolethia's house, but my mother and father told me no I had school the next day. And that I could come back tomorrow. I was not going for it. I kicked and screamed down the steps, up the sidewalk, and into the car. I made a big fuss. That night I don't know what came over me I was going to do anything to stay. So I decided to pull my mothers freshly done pineapple waves. We had a small compact two door car and some how my mother managed to body slam me in the car. All I remember was going up in the air and waking up the next morning in my bed. Ever since that fateful night my parents did not have to worry about discipline problems from me. But for the new generation discipline is a foreign word. .
             There are more out of control children today than ever before, due to not only lack of discipline, but also, parental involvement in the lives of their children. It is not enough to just discipline a child and not find out what is going on in that child's life. Parental involvement is as important as setting up rules and following through, by punishing the child when those rules are broken. Parents need to be aware of who his friends are, and are the friends the parents have met, those ones their kid is hanging out with? Be aware of who are the people that are influencing their child.Try to find out as best they can what is happening in their kids" life, any problems or pressures that might trouble a kid, and become problematic for either the child or the parent. .
             There are kids that do what they want to do because they know all their parents are going to do is yell at them a little bit, and that is it for their punishment. After yelling for a while, the parent feel like their job is done and things resume as if nothing happened.

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