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Leadership and Entrepreneurship

            The Colangelo College of Business has embraced three unique pillars that provide the students with a competitive edge in the world of business. These pillars help students establish a successful career through quality training and education in servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation. The business program prepares students to develop a high level of critical and analytical thinking through the integration of the three pillars. Diving deeper in these pillars, we can deduce that a special relation is formed where each pillar matches with one another. Today's era is all about technology and trends that directs people to implement certain changes in their life to keep up with the fast changing world of business. Moreover, universities are injecting highly skilled graduate students into society whose role is to adopt and implement entrepreneurial initiatives throughout their careers. .
             Entrepreneurship is known for taking the risk in creating a business and introducing a competitive product to the market, thus the entrepreneur is the person who innovates new goods and services that satisfy the market's demand. Researches have shown that entrepreneurs embrace a certain inclination towards risk; however, Peter Drucker, the father of management, believes that entrepreneurs do not favor risks. On the contrary, they tend to identify and analyze all the potential risks in order to find ways and plans to minimize them. To be a successful entrepreneur, one has to have high skills accommodated with innovation and intelligence. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit is something obtained through hard work and lots of efforts since it requires the person to have an attitude shaped with certain personality traits and then developed through education. There is a special need to create an entrepreneurial culture among university students; for this reason, business courses and programs are implementing strategies that affect the student's decision on how to develop and maintain a successful business.

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