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the importance of education

             The true wealth of any nation is its people, for it is they that lay the foundations for a possible economical and social prosperity. But whether the citizens will be able to become valuable members of the society depends mainly on the education they had because education enlightens the mind, and prepares them to meet with the future demands. That is why I believe that every government should make its first responsibility to provide a more than adequate public education, for all children, so that the country can prosper and at the same time improve the citizen's life status. .
             It is well known that our whole world has changed dramatically in the past few years. The technological improvement is rapid, and if a country wants to achieve economic prosperity it is important not only to adjust its education system in a way that meets the needs of our age, but also to make sure that a higher education is accessible to every student. After all, we must not forget that we live in a time where "Only workers with the skills needed in the new good jobs will participate in the prosperity accompanying economic growth" as Richard J. Murnane and Frank Levy have stated at their article A Civic Society Demands Education for Good Jobs (1977, p34). In this way the State helps our children to become productive members of our society.
             On the other hand, there are a number of people that stress the problems that have been created by the enormous amount of highly skilled workers. Unfortunately, it is true that due to the plethora of knowledgeable workers, many significant changes have occurred in the world that we live in. First of all, lots of good paying jobs for untrained and unskilled workers have gradually vanished, which has as a result that important income benefits, like retirement pensions and health insurance, no longer exist. Secondly, most of the workers that lack experience have been forced into low-wage jobs, and for many others it is so difficult to find a job to begin with.

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