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Connecting Technology and Community

            About 90% of Americans now own a cell phone, computer, MP3 player, game console, e-book reader or tablet computer(0). With this many Americans owning a piece of technology, it has placed a tremendous impact on how all people live together within a community. The advanced technology that exist today eliminates having to read a newspaper to know what is going on in the outside community. The increased popularity of social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have also made it easier to find out about the private life of not only the people in your community, but connects people worldwide as well. Because of this a person can look up someone and find out everything about them without speaking a word. With the rise of technology, there are no boundaries between communities and people.
             With so many advances in technology less and less people go outside and actually experience the community they live in. Technology allows people to feel that they can be in another community and theirs at the same time. In Goldberger "Disconnected Urbanism" he states, "Remember when people communicated with Europe by letter and it took a couple of weeks to get a reply? Now we're upset if we have to send a fax because it takes so much longer than e-mail"(558). Goldberger shows how easy it is to reach someone else in a different community. He also shows how in this generation were so accustomed to things moving at a faster pace between communities because of the recent advancements in technology. This quote also shows that there is no border between communities as there once was because it is now easy to reach someone in another community. Cell phone technology also proves that because of technology there are no boundaries between communities anymore. Picking up a cell phone and dialing a number can put you in any community. Area codes now have no value as much as they use to. Before technology was so advanced you dialed a number, it would put you on the phone with someone from the area code.

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