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            How Technology changes the face of the Earth.
             Technology refers to all the ways man uses his inventions and discoveries to satisfy his .
             needs and desires. Ever since man appeared on earth, he has had to work to obtain food, .
             clothing, and shelter. He has also had to work to satisfy his desire for leisure and comfort. Through the ages, man invented thousands of tools, machines, materials, and techniques to make his work easier and more productive.
             Many people call the age we"re living in the age of technology. Yet man has always lived in a technological age because he had always had to work to obtain most of life's necessities and many of its pleasures. Though, technology also includes the use of primitive and highly advanced tools and methods of work. But when people speak of technology today, they generally mean industrial technology. The technology that helped bring about our modern society.
             Industrial technology began about 200 odd years ago with the development of power-driven machines, the growth of factories, and the mass production of goods. As the industrial technology advanced, it affected more and more aspects of man's life. For example, the development of the automobile influenced where people lived and worked and how they spent their leisure time. Radio and television changed entertainment habits, how the telephone revolutionized communication. Today, industrial technology helps man achieve goals that few men thought were at all possible 100 years ago. It gives him the means to conquer hunger and to cure or prevent many diseases. It allows him to transport any goods and passengers to any place on earth that they wanted. He can even leave the earth, soar through space, and eat food on the moon.
             Science has contributed much to modern technology. But not all technology is based on science, nor is science necessary to all technology. Science attempts to explain why and how things happen.

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