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Animal Farm Essay

            Communist governments are theoretically based on citizens working together for common goals, in replacement of individual, selfish goals emphasized with in a democratic system of government. The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a satire portraying the dangers of any totalitarian government. It seeks to show how a society where all people live completely equal has not been, and cannot ever be achieved. Orwell is successful in establishing that any totalitarian system of government is equally as bad as another. He gets this theme across by tone, style, characterization, imagery, a fast paced plot, as well as his unique sense of humor. In order to analyze the progression and development of this theme it is essential to focus on the main events of the novel, the events which allow Orwell to translate his ideas about totalitarian systems in a subtle manner. Orwell emphasizes the exploitation, propaganda, and violence associated with every totalitarian system. No totalitarian system has ever existed with out corruption due to excess power in the hands of one person, and Animal Farm is no exception.
             To begin with, totalitarian systems are never good due to the fact that it is not in human nature for Man, when given excess power, to be entirely responsible. Power causes totalitarian leaders who become dictators, to exploit the proletariat, or working class - who own no means of production. In the beginning of the novel Orwell makes it clear that Mr. Jones is not the kindest of all people. He is a drunk and does not realize that animals too have feelings. He is a dictator, and under his horrible rule the animals were treated dreadfully, and they definitely felt the repercussions of his totalitarian government. Jones took advantage of his position as owner of the farm and worked the animals extremely hard, in essence he exploited them completely. He elevated himself, as he thought he was higher than the animals, and undoubtedly put his financial gain before his moral values, that is if he had any values.

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