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Animal Farm essay

             The novel Animal Farm was written by George Orwell in the early 1940s. Animal Farm takes place on an imaginary farm in England in an unknown time period. The story is in the past tense and is told by a narrator. .
             Major, the boar, gathers all of the animals on the Manor Farm for a meeting. He tells them of his dream, where animals live together in freedom with no humans to control them. He teaches them a song called "Beasts of England" in which his dream is described. The animals like Majors plan. Major dies a couple of nights later and three other pigs Napoleon, Snowball, And Squealer make his dream into a reality and form his idea into a new government called Animalism. The animals of the farm defeat Mr. Jones and take control of the farm. .
             In the beginning, animal farm does extremely well. Snowball teaches the other animals to read, Napoleon teaches a group of puppies the principles of Animalism. As time goes on, Napoleon and Snowball struggle for power on animal farm. Napoleon and Snowball get into an argument over a windmill that Snowball wants to build but Napoleon disagrees with him. Napoleon summons the dogs that he was teaching the principles of Animalism to, but in reality he was teaching them to be his enforcers on the farm. The attack dogs chased Snowball off of the farm. Napoleon took full control over animal farm and declared that there would be no more general meetings with all of the animals to decide the rules. The pigs would now make all of the decisions for everybody. .
             Napoleon used the power of his attack dogs to control the farm. Anyone who opposed him would be put to death by the attack dogs. Eventually there was no more opposition, and his leadership went unquestioned. Napoleon expanded his powers and began to act more and more like a human. He slept in a bed, drank whiskey and traded with the other farmers. All of these activities were prohibited by the original Animalist principles.

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