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russian revolution

             In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals of the Manor Farm revolt against their human owners in the hope to form a better society totally governed and run by animals. Animal Farm is a satire on the Russian Revolution of 1917 in which Russia went from a monarchy to a totalitarian dictatorship with similar if not worse conditions for the majority of the population. In this novel, the farmer Mr. Jones, much like Tsar Nicholas II, is the motivating force to spark revolution. Also, like the Russian Revolution of 1917 the animal leader, Napoleon the boar, (representing Joseph Stalin) acquired his power through militant means and stayed in power through using fear to keep any revolutionary ideas quiet.
             Most totalitarian leaders acquire and keep their positions of power through fear, as can be seen through Napoleon's actions in Animal farm after the expulsion of Snowball. (Pg. 67) An example of using fear to acquire power is when Napoleon used dogs to expel Snowball and achieve a dictatorship, which he disguised as an equal, almost communistic society to keep support from the animals of lesser intelligence. Another example of using fear to maintain power is when Napoleon slaughtered any animal found to be a traitor. (Pg. 92 - 93) Napoleon ordered any animal who wanted to confess anything to come forward and do so. Afterwards the dogs were ordered to tear out the throats of the convicted in front of all the other animals. This tactic was used to keep the other animals loyal to Napoleon through fear of death and to keep him in control. A final example of the use of fear to remain in power was how Squealer kept threatening that Jones would return if the animals did not obey Napoleon. (Pg. 52) Eventually the animals could no longer remember how the conditions where when Jones was in power but unanimously agreed that they did not want Jones to return, so they continued to work for fear of him coming back.

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