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Russia Revolution

            The Russian revolution is the fundamental political and social upheaval that erupted in the Russian empire in 1917. The roots of the Russian Revolution are to be sought in the arbitrary, autocratic, and repressive czarist political and social system that evolved in the 16th - 18th century. It began with the collapse of the centuries-old czarist regime in February that led to the overthrow of the Western-style Provisional Government and the establishment of the first national communist political system in October. In the last years before World War 1 there was no reason to believe that revolution was inevitable, much less imminent in Russia. But as military defeats piled up, a progressive block was formed in the Duma (parliament that had limited power). The member of the block strove valiantly to convince the government that it must follow the example of western government to accept the voluntary cooperation of the public in coping with the inordinately difficult problems. The autocracy, jealous of its exclusive authority refused all such offers that would help his government. Rapidly the government lost all shred of public confidence. Under the czars Russia was a backward country, much of the land was in royal and private estates, and the rest was held and crudely worked in small plots by the peasants. Indeed there was a need for a revolution because the government wanted its own selfish desires and by using the people they got what they wanted. The government was not for the people, it showed by them not fulfilling the needs of the people for them to have a happier life. In more broad terms it will be argued that the Revolutions in Russia was greatly needed for the establishment growth of their country. .
             Russia being a backward Empire had many disadvantages for the Russian population. The backwardness of Russia was displayed in the people's lives especially the peasants. One in four had schooling because the education was reserved for the upper class people.

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