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The Russia Revolution

             In the middle of the First World War a very beat up Russia wanted out. There was much frustration in the Russian people. They were hungry poor and wanted peace. There ruler the Tsar was much hated and the people wanted a new order in Russia. One group that was not the very large but was very well organized and had excellent leadership, was getting bigger and larger every time. The group's name was the Bolshevik. .
             There was only one problem with Lenin and the Bolshevik were still tied to the Menshevik. Then In 1912 Lenin and his supporters organized a party conference in Prague At this conference, Lenin formally broke from his Menshevik opponents and the rest of the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labor Party) to form an independent Bolshevik party. Once he had done this, The Bolshevik had to gain power in Russia. Now Lenin was going to head back to Russia.
             The first part of the Bolsheviks taking power in Russia involved getting Lenin back in Russia for he had been exiled from Russia. He arrived back in Russia on April 3 in Petrograd during the All-Russian Conference of Bolshevik Party Workers. Lenin had been in Holland when he told the Germans that he needed to get back into Russia the Germans gave him a private train to ride on to get back. For they knew that if he succeeded in coming to power in Russia he would take Russia out of the war.
             When Lenin was building up the Bolsheviks lots of people started to look at them more seriously. he exiled revolutionary Leon Trotsky, who arrived in Petrograd in May from America, agreed with Lenin's policy and joined the Bolshevik Party. Trotsky was a huge help to the Bolshevik. When Lenin told the people that he was going to give them some thing Trotsky would deliver it to the people. With the both of them working together the Bolshevik were a well oiled machine. .
             Now that Lenin had the help of Trotsky he brought out the three words that would seal the control of Russia.

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