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Russian REvolution

            Many historians have claimed that Russia was ripe for revolution. What evidence do you find to support this claim?.
             The evidence used to support the claim that Russia was prime for revolution may be put into two words: Lower Class. The Russian serfs and those who lived in the Russia's dreaded Black Soil region received very little support and acknowledgment from the influential citizens of Russia. These lower class citizens were forced to work with minimal profit and lived in a horrible environment. It was just a matter of getting organized and coming together to provoke a revolution of the "upper class" of Russia. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will explain the living environments of these Black Soil residents and the Russian serfs, in giving an idea of their way of life and need of revolution.
             The citizens of the Black Soil region lived on farms on which their life depended on. These farms were quite different from those of American farms. Many of the Russian farms held hamlets that dwelled 50 - 300 folks in side. Almost all of them had labored and died in the same village as their birth. Those who lived on these farms lived in extreme filth and dirt. The peasant izby or housing structures were usually cluttered all at the center of the town. For this reason, fire was always a particular hazard in the Russian villages. Surrounding each izby was generally a small batch of vegetable garden used to feed a family's meager diet. The diet of many citizens of those Russian villages consisted primarily of minimal amounts of flour and a cabbage soup. The families were in constant hunger and many died from this. Diseases swept through this populated villages like a wave in the ocean. Through all these troubles, the Black Soil never received help from other "higher class" citizens in other parts of Russia. This group of villagers, from the intellectual's point of view, was one of natural beauty and a nice natural way of life.

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