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The History of Trinidadian Music

            Trinidad outlook on music has changed in so many ways when calypso music started. Calypso music originated in Trinidad it's a style of afro Caribbean music and it occurred in the early to mid-20th calypso music shares a lot with different cultures in the Caribbean like Guyana and n others. Calypso music originated as a means for Trinidadian slaves to communicate and protest against the class system. The music was developed as a means for salves to gain strength and has since throughout history and tradition in Trinidad society. Calypso music is one of the foundations of the carnival celebrations and a means for Trinidadians to reflect upon their past and celebrate the cultural richness of their nation. The outlook of calypso music is very strong its rich culture heritage and great music by Trinidadians ensures that the genre will surveil and prosper far into the future. Calypso strong ties to the traditional carnival celebration also provide a strong source of continuity for the musical genre along with folk song and African and Indian based classical forms, cross –cultural has so much closeness with calypso music calypso drew upon African and French influences and became the voice of the people. Calypso migrated into English and in so doing it attracted more attention from the government calypso continued to play an important role in political expression and also served to document the history of Trinidad so much of the outlook on calypso music .calypso popularity went throughout the world many countries include an up tempo version of calypso music called soca and a hip hop influenced style called rap so both became popular in Trinidad and other island. Soca became the most international sales since rap so was not that much sales. Soca has grown since the music incorporate funk ,soul and dance music genres and continues to blend in gospel music styles with soca music hitting the charts in Trinidad now the celebrations which originated in Trinidad now see present day many other island are referring soca to the roots of calypso.

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