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Popular Culture in the 1960

             Music became more popular when the first jukebox was invented. Such was the popularity of these machines that a programme called jukebox jury started. Children watched the programme, and the songs that were performed would be given either a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending if the song was good or not by a panel that varied from week to week. The programme had such an influence that often a records success would be decided by what the programmes audience thought. There were lots of influences from America in British pop in the late 50's and 60's. With the introduction of the 7-inch single music became more accessible and more people listened to music despite no change to the actual style of music itself. .
             Big names in music during the late fifties and sixties were such artists as Billy Fury and Cliff Richard. Whilst Cliff Richard, or Harry Roger Webb, was a man that women wouldn't mind taking home to meet their parents, Billy Fury was different. Billy Fury was said to be sullen' and more sexy'. Before Cliff Richard became famous he often played in a club called the 2 I's' club. This was a famous club in Soho that older people didn't dare step foot inside. Before Cliff Richard became famous he was in a skiffle band. This music was informal music and the music would be usually created with improvised instruments such as Kazoos and washtubs. skiffle music can also be known as skuffle music. The word skiffle' was said to have been used first by a pianist, Hersel Thomas who used this word to describe the music played at a house rent party. Even bands such as The Beatles and Van Morrison started off by playing skiffle music. British pop music was different to that of American Pop music, although such artists imitated influences and sounds as Cliff Richard. America had no skiffle music. .
             All children had to listen to the music was a wireless which only gradually started playing rock. Pop music wasn't played on most stations- only radio Luxembourg, which was a poor quality station.

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